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A website builder is an online platform that allows anyone to create their own website without having to use code. Long gone are the days of needing to code to make a website with all of the options available to us these days in the form of a website builder. And Webflow is just one of these. This has been attracting a lot of attention lately and you can build a really nice website using Webflow. This Webflow review will help you to know everything about it. Also, you get a limited-time Webflow Coupon Code here!

Webflow & 50% Webflow Coupon Code


Webflow is a responsive website builder and it sits somewhere between the traditional and the modern kind of ways to build a website. The tool is one of the fastest ways to build a website. It carries with it a level of customization and power usually reserved for the likes of WordPress. 

It’s highly customizable and if you are familiar with coding, you will like Webflow a lot. For this reason, Webflow does tend to be used by actual web designers. So it is absolutely ideal for users who don’t want to bother with all the nitty-gritty code but need a platform that is fully customizable because it does give you the option of both. To get access to Webflow at an unbelievable price, redeem our Webflow Coupon Code soon!

If you’ve got experience of building big websites and think you can do it then you can dive straight into the design process. But for first-time users, going through Webflow tutorials is recommended.

WebFlow Features

The Designer Tool

Designer tool

The big innovation with Webflow is their designer tool. It is the first tool to provide the flexibility of front-end coding without requiring you to code. Front-end coding is basically the presentation of your website. It’s how it looks and feels. It’s the HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript. So how does Webflow do this? How was the design tool built that could give you the flexibility of code without requiring you to code?

Webflow is the result of a thoughtful, coherent, and novel vision to start. It doesn’t shy away from the complexity of code instead it embraces it. Webflow doesn’t abstract away from concepts like the box model because the whole point of Webflow is to embrace the complexity of code, in fact, in many ways, the Webflow designer is really just a visual interface for front-end coding.

You are really able to design about anything in Webflow. There’s not a whole lot of constraints. This makes it a categorically different tool than website builders like Squarespace or Wix. Webflow doesn’t start you off with the template and it has a much steeper learning curve but you can do anything you want with it.

Webflow CMS + Webflow Coupon Code

Webflow CMS

The CMS is how we control and work with our dynamic content. In the Webflw CMS, the data structure is very straight forward and we’ll build from the bottom up. At the very bottom, you will find the content fields. Those fields will let you capture or input content – whether you’re doing this one by one or by importing a CSV with a ton of data, all that content is put in fields. All the fields are grouped together into a collection.

A collection is a top-level container for your content. For instance, if you have a collection of team members, each team member is an item. Each item or team member has fields of content. That’s the structure of a Webflow CMS. The collection consists of collection lists and collection pages. By using those, you can change or add more content to your collection at any time.

Webflow Editor

Webflow Editor

The editor is an interface we can use to access and edit the contents of a published site. It’s where anyone can log in and get access. If you are in a Webflow project, you can visit the editor from the designer over to the left, or from the Project Settings over to the right. 

There are three things to note about the editor. Before we get into those, catch our awaiting Webflow Coupon Code. Get an off up to 50% on its pricing plans.

  • You can literally manipulate content on a page like changing the text inside a heading, replacing an image, and more. You will be able to edit any element by heading over to the Element Setting panel, and by checking the “Collaborators can edit this element”.
  • If you’ve created one or more collections, collaborators can access them. They can go into any collection and can click to modify an existing collection item like a blog post or can create a new item.
  • The changes in the editor are not updating in real-time. The content you’re changing won’t go live until you or a collaborator publish the project through the editor or designer.


Webflow Hosting

Once your website that was created using Webflow is ready, there are two ways of hosting it. One, you can host it on Webflow itself, or the other would be to host it on another platform. If you want to host it on another platform, you would basically need all the assets and all the code. To do this, you can just click on the Export code, and all the HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other assets will be exported.

If you are looking to host your website on Webflow itself, there are again two ways. The first one is to host it without a custom domain. So if you go to publish, you can choose downloads.page.webflow.io. This gets published on the Webflow server which you can definitely start using but you can’ attach your custom domain to it.

If you want a custom domain, you will have to purchase it but in order to sync your Webflow website to the custom domain, you should have a paid Webflow plan.

Interactions and Animations + Webflow Coupon Code

Webflow I(nteractions

Webflow helps you build complex interactions, design crazy animations, and literally control objects in real physical space. You can manipulate and build content with insanely granular control, but much more quickly and powerfully, by doing it visually.

If you scroll through a page, elements might change positions, or if you scroll and the elements scale along the x-axis, those are interactions. If an object on the page interacts with you, it is an interaction. Interactions let you design two powerful things; triggers and animations.

Triggers include clicking, scrolling, hovering, or moving the mouse, and animations include timed animations, scroll animations, after effects and lottie animations, rich hovers, position-based mouse animations, etc. Webflow gives you the power to build anything you want.

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Webflow Templates

Webflow Templates

Using Webflow templates is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get started with Webflow because you don’t need to worry about creating a site from scratch. While creating a new site, you are gonna have access to a wide number of templates to use, both premium and free templates. 

Once you’ve selected a template that you like, you can start creating a website by clicking “Create Website”. You will be directed to the Webflow designer where you’ll be able to design, style, and add new content as if it was your own site. As you use templates, most of the styles would’ve already been pre-applied. 

Webflow Coupon Code & Webflow Pricing Plans

Webflow consists of two types of pricing plans. They are:

  • Site Plans
  • Account Plans
Pricing Plans

Site Plans + Webflow Coupon Code

Site plans in turn include Site plans and E-commerce plans.

Website Plans

Site Plans

Website Plans are for those who build personal sites, blogs, and business websites. The prices are as follows:

Basic – Costs $12 per month billed annually or $15 per month billed monthly. This plan is best for a simple site that doesn’t need a CMS.

CMS – Costs $16 per month billed annually or $20 per month billed monthly. This is best for a blog or other content-driven sites.

Business – Costs $36 per month billed annually or $45 per month billed monthly. This plan is best for a higher traffic marketing site or blog.

Enterprise – You will have to contact Webflow to get customized prices and exclusive features.

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E-commerce Plans

Webflow Ecommerce Plans

E-commerce plans are for those who wish to create e-commerce websites. They enable checkout on your domain. The prices are as follows:

Standard – Costs $29 per month billed annually or $42 per month billed monthly. This plan suits best for new businesses getting off the ground.

Plus – Costs $74 per month billed annually or $84 per month billed monthly. This plan is best for higher volume businesses that need additional features.

Advanced – Costs $212 per month billed annually or $235 per month billed monthly. With this plan, you could scale and reach new heights for your online business.

Account Plans

Account Plans include Individual plans and Team plans.

Individual Plans

Webflow Individual Plan

Individual Plans consists of the following:

Starter – It is a completely free plan and gives you everything you need to get started building with Webflow, and it’s free forever.

Lite – Costs $16 per month billed annually or $24 per month billed monthly. It lets you export your code and unlock more pages for your unhosted projects.

Pro – Costs $35 per month billed annually or $42 per month billed monthly. This plan is best for active freelancers and designers who need more projects and premium features.

Team Plans + Webflow Coupon Code

Webflow Team Plan

The Team Plans include the following:

Team – Costs $35/person per month billed annually or $42/person per month billed monthly. Using this plan, you can work on projects together in a collaborative, shared dashboard.

Enterprise – To get custom sites and account plans, you will have to contact the Webflow team.

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Webflow Pros

  • Easy to use and has great features
  • Highly customizable templates
  • Offers plenty of support materials
  • Powerful designer tool
  • Has got a wide range of plans which means a lot of customer choice
  • Good customer support

Webflow Cons 

  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Limited built-in functions and integrations
  • Has more of a learning curve


If you’re looking to make a beautiful professional website with very little effort and absolutely no coding at all, then Webflow might be the happy medium. It is offering a new approach to building websites without code. But Webflow is not going to be for everybody, as it definitely has some learning curve. So for those who are willing to learn it is going to be hugely powerful. So without any further delay, claim our exclusive Webflow Coupon Code and enjoy its outstanding features at the lowest possible rates. Hurry up!

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