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Facebook is nowadays the No.1 source of enormous traffic. It is a competitive landscape for affiliates and merchants as they are well aware of the revenue that they get out of Facebook advertising. Because of its popularity, several Facebook ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy are also blooming out there in the market. Before we dig deep here is a golden opportunity! Get exclusive 25% Off PowerAdSpy Coupon Code only at affsave!

PowerAdSpy is one of the prominent Facebook ad spy tools out there. This review is completely about this amazing tool. Let’s get straight into it!

PowerAdSpy + 25% PowerAdSpy Coupon Code

#1 Tool to spy on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, GDN and Native Ads!

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So what does this spy tool actually do? PowerAdSpy shows you what your competitors are up to, the creatives they use, the ad copy they use, their targeting options, etc.

Most importantly, it shows you how your competitors are succeeding in their business with social ads. Also, you can discover winning strategies and campaigns in addition to new opportunities in your specific niche.

PowerAdSpy Review + 25% PowerAdSpy Coupon Code

PowerAdSpy and PowerAdSpy Coupon Code

PowerAdSpy is a powerful ad spy tool that allows you to see what ads are currently running on social networks and what ads have been running in the past that actually gave out huge profits besides providing a lot of information about your competitors’ campaigns.

It has the largest database of Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, GDN, and Native ads with over 50 million ads from 20 countries around the world with about 10K ads added daily.

It really allows you to see what ads have been successful, what really worked, and use that information to craft and replicate in your campaigns to attain success. Isn’t it interesting? Grab our PowerAdSpy Coupon and start spying!

PowerAdSpy is a great tool developed by affiliates for affiliate marketers. Apart from spying on Facebook ads, it also lets you spy on the following:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Display
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Native Ads

With PowerAdSpy, you will also be able to access the sales page copy of your competitors with ease. So no doubt PowerAdSpy is one of the best Facebook ad spy tools. Don’t fail to claim our exclusive 25% PowerAdSpy Coupon Code!

What Makes PowerAdSpy Different from Other Ad Spy Tools?

Why Choose PowerAdSpy?

PowerAdSpy offers so many reasons to opt for it. Many other ad spy tools help you to spy only on Facebook ads, whereas PowerAdSpy offers a variety of networks to spy on at an affordable price.

It makes spying an easy job. Effortlessly you can spy on your rivals and get hold of their secrets to become successful and to be ahead of them.

PowerAdSpy lets you search ads by keyword, domain, the advertiser and also lets you sort ads by the newest ad, longest-running ad, and social engagements stats, as well as targeting option and landing page properties, and much more.

This tool has helped a lot for e-commerce and the Shopify business. It is helpful to know the strategies of the competitors and to display better ads. Advertisers know which ads increase their ROI. Therefore, they will look for these ads and do a good job. This leads to an increase in sales and thus in the business result.

PowerAdSpy + 25% PowerAdSpy Coupon Code

#1 Tool to spy on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, GDN and Native Ads!

Limited time only

The following make PowerAdSpy the ideal spy tool and as a result, it helps you to strengthen your business. With PowerAdSpy, you can

  • Find the current and past winning Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, GDN, and Native ad campaigns
  • Discover the best Shopify and other E-commerce ads
  • Explore the ad copies, angles, products, and landers of the top-performing ads
  • Find your competitors’ website platform
  • Filter and Search Landing pages of platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Click Funnels, Lead Pages, and so on
  • Find the best and trending offers to promote on Android or iOS
  • See cloaked money pages
  • Discover entire campaigns information from demographics to interests
  • Download landing pages straightaway from the interface with a single click

Amazing! Isn’t it? It would really be impossible for any other tool than PowerAdSpy to offer such benefits. Who would wish to miss these? Catch our PowerAdSpy Coupon Code now and get access to this tool at a reduced price.

Key Features of PowerAdSpy + PowerAdSpy Coupon Code

Below are the powerful features of PowerAdSpy that makes it the No.1 social media AdSpy tool. Let’s explore what really helps you to make big bucks out of this tool. But before that don’t miss out to grab our PowerAdSpy Coupon Code that you guys can use to get 25% off on PowerAdSpy.

Powerful & Dynamic Search Options

PowerAdSpy Features + PowerAdSpy Coupon - Powerful search options

PowerAdSpy allows you to narrow down your search by providing search options for Keywords, Niches, Competitors, and even domains to see what ads are running, especially the winning ones.

This tool has a powerful search algorithm which makes it easy to search for ads using popular and relevant search criteria.

You can also sort the ads by the newest or the longest-running ones plus ads seen between a particular date range, day, or month. It empowers you to find the latest successful ads in just a matter of a few clicks.

Demographics & Engagement Filters

PowerAdSpy Demographics

This feature of PowerAdSpy allows you to search for ads based on gender, age, marital status & location. You can also search for ads that have got the most likes, comments, or shares to see what users are engaging with. This, in turn, helps you to understand your own niche.

Geo-Location Filters

Geo-Location Filters

With PowerAdSpy’s Geo-Location filters, you can identify your audience from anywhere around the world. This tool helps you to understand how your competitors are interacting with their target audience in different countries.

By knowing this, you can devise your own communication strategy such that your message about your product or service is properly conveyed and mixes with the culture of the region and this can become your ultimate selling point.

Call-to-action based sorting + 25% PowerAdSpy Coupon

Call To Action Based Sorting + PowerAdSpy Coupon Code

It’s well known that Call-to-actions are a vital part of any campaign. An ad gets its success only from powerful and attractive CTAs that actually makes one take an action to buy a product by clicking it.

PowerAdSpy allows you to find and sort the best Call-to-action that is working in your niche. Claim 25% PowerAdSpy Coupon now to enjoy its promising features!

Video & Image Ad Integration

Video and Image Ad Integration

Image ads and Video ads are the latest ad strategies that are being adopted by most social networks. Image ads are good but Video ads are still better.

PowerAdSpy has the fastest-growing category of Social Video Ads to give a better idea of what kinds of video ads your audience responds to and also allows you to download them for your own ad campaigns.

Funnel Breakdown

Funnel Breakdown

PowerAdSpy not only allows you to discover winning social ads but also lets you track the best landing pages in your niche that actually bring a lot of conversions.

You can also bookmark or download those landing pages with ease. Besides, you can copy the conversion strategy used there and try implementing a better idea to generate great revenue.

Comprehensive Ad Analytics

Ad Analytics

Using PowerAdSpy, you can find which Native Ad campaigns of your competitors get the most clicks. With a single click, you can identify the networks of your competitors, effective network groups for their ad campaigns, and many more valuable metrics.

PowerAdSpy tool allows visiting the live ad posts directly from the platform. You can get clear visibility of basic information like the current landing page, redirects, outgoing links, and country list for the ad campaign just with a click.

Bookmark the Best Ads

Bookmark the Best Ads

When you perform searches using the advanced search filters offered by PowerAdSpy, you may come across millions of ads with several ad concepts that you would like to use in your upcoming ad campaigns.

In that case, you can bookmark them with just a click, and they will be moved to your personalized Ads inventory. You need not search them over and over again.

PowerAdSpy Pricing & PowerAdSpy Coupon

PowerAdSpy Pricing + PowerAdSpy Coupon Code

As PowerAdSpy focuses on several social media networks, the pricing plan differs for each network. Apart from the free plan, it offers 6 pricing plans namely Basic, Standard, Premium, Platinum, Titanium, and Palladium.

This tool is competitively priced and the cost increases on the go. If you use our 25% PowerAdSpy Coupon, you will surely save a lot on its purchase. This is just a limited time offer. Don’t miss to claim it now!

Back to PowerAdSpy pricing plans.

Free Plan – You get 100 searches/1000 Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Native, or GDN ads for 10 days. You can access all the features of PowerAdSpy at no cost for those 10 days.

Basic Plan – The PowerAdSpy Basic plan costs $49 per month. Using this plan, you will be able to spy ads only on Facebook. You get access only to a limited number of features.

Standard Plan – This plan costs $99 per month. This subscription plan lets you, spy, on both Facebook and Instagram ads thereby allowing you to access most of PowerAdSpy’s top features.

Premium Plan – The Premium plan costs $149 per month. This is where the software really starts to shine and you’ll gain access to unlimited searches and all available filters on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Platinum Plan – Costs $249 monthly. It includes everything that a premium plan offers and the advantage is that you can even spy on Google ads in addition to Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube ads.

Titanium Plan – It costs $299 per month and adds native content spying besides those offered by the Platinum plan.

Palladium Plan – This plan costs $349 per month. You can spy on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, GDN, and Native ads altogether by subscribing to this plan. It provides you the entire access to explore the whole tool.

PowerAdSpy + 25% PowerAdSpy Coupon Code

#1 Tool to spy on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, GDN and Native Ads!

Limited time only

How To Get Started With PowerAdSpy?

Hope you got an overall idea about the PowerAdSpy tool and the features that it offers. Next, getting started with PowerAdSpy is so easy. You just have to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit PowerAdSpy website
  • Click Login/Sign Up in the menu
  • Provide the necessary details and select a plan 
  • Complete the registration 
  • Login to your dashboard using your credentials
  • As per your plan, you will be allowed to spy on ads
  • Use the search feature that you want to find ads on. You will see several ads showing up for your search term
  • Narrow down your search using the filters 
  • You will automatically get to know everything from its dashboard

That’s it! PowerAdSpy is undoubtedly an incredible and easy to use ad spy tool. Make use of our limited time PowerAdSpy Coupon today! Get the most out of this wonderful social media ad spy tool.

PowerAdSpy Pros and Cons

Like every other tool in the market, even PowerAdSpy has its own advantages and disadvantages. They are as follows:


  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Advanced filters for refining search parameters
  • Easy analysis of sales funnels
  • Helps you understand what ad strategies are really working and what are not working
  • Allows you to find your target audience and to define your niche
  • Lets you discover e-commerce winning ads and drives your dropshipping business
  • The best platform for affiliate marketers


  • The Free version is limited in its use
  • Prior knowledge of marketing is important to use PowerAdSpy
  • To spy on all the 6 social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, GDN, and Native) and to access all the features of PowerAdSpy, you need to spend a lot.
  • A minor mistake in terms of analysis could bring down your campaigns.

PowerAdSpy FAQ

What is PowerAdSpy?

PowerAdSpy is an ultimate social ad spying tool that allows you to discover the best performing ads on networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, GDN, and Native advertising platform.

It has the largest ad database consisting of 50 million ads in over 20 countries with 10K ads added daily.

How much does PowerAdSpy cost?

The cost of PowerAdSpy varies depending on the social network that you want to spy on. It has 6 subscription plans namely the Basic plan ($49 per month), Standard Plan ($99 per month), Premium Plan ($149 per month), Platinum Plan ($249 per month), Titanium Plan ($299 per month), and Palladium Plan ($349 per month) besides the free plan.

How do I use PowerAdSpy?

Using PowerAdSpy is so easy and you just have to visit the PowerAdSpy website, Sign Up, Subscribe for a plan, and complete the payment. You will get your credentials once the payment is done. You can then login to your dashboard and start exploring the tool.

Can I get a Discount Coupon for PowerAdSpy?

Yes, definitely. Affsave offers an exclusive 25% PowerAdSpy Coupon Code with which you can save a lot on its purchase. Claim it immediately here! The offer is valid only for a limited time period.

What should I do if I have any queries related to PowerAdSpy?

In the case of having queries, you can contact the PowerAdSpy support team by sending mail to sumit@poweradspy.com. You can also chat with the support team via Skype.

PowerAdSpy Verdict

PowerAdSpy is thus an unbeatable social ad spy tool. It is an all-in-one spy tool for marketers, affiliates, e-commerce advertisers, media buyers, and ad agencies. Tracking competitors’ ads is no more a difficult thing if you start using PowerAdSpy.

The crazy advantage of PowerAdSpy is that you get access to spy on ads present on the top social networks from a single dashboard. Finding such a tool would be really difficult. If you want to get the most out of your competitors’ ad strategies, PowerAdSpy is the most recommended tool.

Start using PowerAdSpy to gain high ROI. Redeem our PowerAdSpy Coupon Code immediately and you will be amazed by its price.


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