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78% Ingramer Promo Code + Ingramer Review – #1 Instagram Spy Tool

Instagram is a popular social media platform next to Facebook. It has proven to be the most successful marketing tool for businesses by helping them to improve brands all the way with powerful marketing strategies. Automating Instagram accounts with effective tools like Ingramer could save a lot of time and effort. Before we proceed, I would like to reveal our exclusive 78% Ingramer Promo Code here for you!

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Ingramer Review + Ingramer Promo Code

78% Ingramer Coupon Code

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Instagram automation has become vital for marketing as Instagram has more than 80 million users as of now and this number is expected to grow as it becomes more popular.

Also, Instagram automation tools are emerging out to meet the needs of marketers. This article is completely about Ingramer, which is a powerful Instagram automation tool.

You’ll get to know everything about Ingramer here and as a bonus, you can also claim our incredible 78% Ingramer Coupon Code. So what is Ingramer? What it actually does? Let’s have a look.

Ingramer Review + 78% Ingramer Promo Code

Ingramer Review + Ingramer Promo Code

Ingramer is the No.1 marketing tool for Instagram that automates and boosts all your Instagram activities which in turn will help you attract fans, engage with customers, сurate content, and grow revenue.

It is nothing but an A.I. powered Instagram bot that will help you get real Instagram followers, instant likes and comments, direct messaging, and so on. It uses pro targeting filters like the hashtag, location, username targeting with gender and language filters to automate your Instagram account and to increase your followers.

Ingramer helps you to grow your Instagram. There are millions of people searching for products on Instagram. Undoubtedly, every teenager has his/her own Instagram account. Product promotion, discovering trends, attention-grabbing events, viral ideas are continuously emerging out in Insagram to attract and engage people worldwide.

The results are also amazing. Responses keep increasing which in turn influences marketers to improve their quality of business on Instagram. Also no doubt, the revenue they get out of Instagram marketing is really huge. Ingramer makes everything an easy job.

Ingramer offers a Direct Module which works as a CRM system. This chat service allows you to categorize clients with labels to find them easily via filtered search. Also, you can set up targeted bulk mail-outs and automated replies by triggers, and much more.

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Ingramer Features & Ingramer Coupon Code

As stated earlier, Ingramer is simply an Instagram bot that does actions to improve your account. It has several top-notch features that simplify your marketing efforts. Along with our limited-time Ingramer Coupon Code, you can enjoy those features at an unbelievable price. Let’s explore those below.

Smart Hashtag Generator

Smart Hashtag Generator

A hashtag is a key that sets the course of all promotion schemes and tactics. This tool is literally necessary for any type of Instagram promotion because only with the use of this tool your account participates in network life.

Ingramer provides you with the cutting-edge Hashtags Generator based on AI-technology. It can generate 3 lists of hashtags: Related Hashtags, Niche Hashtags, Non-niche Hashtags according to the frequency of use and degree of relevance.

You can find it on the home page: the section Tools at the top of the home page → Hashtag generator or the Dashboard.

  • If you want to generate them by a photo, upload it by clicking Browse, choose the photo, and press Upload and Generate Hashtags.
  • Copy a URL of any Instagram post and paste it, press Load and Generate Hashtags if you want to generate them by a URL.
  • If you want to generate them by a keyword, enter a relevant one, and press Submit and Generate Hashtags.

Auto Likes, Follow and Unfollow + Ingramer Promo Code

Ingramer + Ingramer Promo Code - auto likes

Ingramer focuses on increasing the volume of any Instagram account. Automating likes gets you in front of more followers. Ingramer subscribes to targeted accounts and accompanies them with likes.

Automating follows makes sense on a base level. When you follow more people, you’re more likely to get more followers. However, when you follow tons of people but only have a handful of people following you, your account looks really spammy. So, Ingramer creates a balance between your account followers and the accounts you follow. So claim our Ingramer Promo Code now and enjoy its awesome features.

Direct Messaging

Ingramer Direct Messaging

Ingramer is a perfect tool for all those who want to keep close contact with their subscribers, for example, bloggers or those who run a business through Instagram. Each media person must be in close contact with its auditory.

For this, it follows a simple mechanism. You pre-type a message and that will be sent to another user. As a rule, such a tool can be set for sending your messages to your old followers, recently added followers or your own account list. With this feature, it offers a great possibility to improve the loyalty level to your account among the community.

Ingramer Review + Ingramer Promo Code

78% Ingramer Coupon Code

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Scheduled Posting

Scheduled Posting + Ingramer Coupon Code

Scheduled Posting allows you to prepare your content for future postings for months forward. You can prepare every point: description text, hashtags, marked persons, location, and, of course, the picture. This feature helps you to save a lot of time.

Instagram Search

Instagram Search

Instagram Search feature of Ingramer allows you to search for an account among billions of accounts with usernames, bios, phone numbers, and email addresses. It also offers search filters for gender, age, location, profile, category, and the number of followers.

You can thereby sort accounts by account age and the number of followers. Finding something in such a huge database is not so easy. But still, Ingramer provides results in a fraction of seconds.

Profile Analyzer + Ingramer Promo Code

Profile Analyzer

Profile Analyzer helps you to discover the best profiles in your niche. By identifying those, you might get ideas and strategies to implement in your business to be successful.

With this feature, you can analyze the following parameters:

  • Number of followers and number of posts
  • Engagement and engagement by days (infographics)
  • Average users activity of a page
  • Amount of posts per day (infographics)
  • Top hashtags and caption words
  • User interests
  • Topmost commented and most liked posts.

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Instagram Downloader

Instagram Downloads

Instagram Downloader is being the most trending feature of people nowadays. Who doesn’t love downloading their favorite pictures, videos, and images from Instagram? Ingramer helps you to achieve it with ease.

You can save a photo, video, stories and highlights, IGTV videos, and all profile posts in bulk with a single click. The photos and videos saved are full-size and possess high-quality.

Gifts and Bonuses + Ingramer Promo Code

Gifts and Bonuses are like treats for people. Ingramer lets you post gifts and bonuses to your followers for bringing in more followers and any other activity that increases your influence. In this way, it motivates your followers to increase your account volume.

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How does Ingramer work?

How Does Ingramer Work + Ingramer Promo Code

Ingramer allows you to automate not only one account but several Instagram accounts too. Setting up Ingramer is hassle-free.

To know how it actually works, all you have to do is 

  • Visit Ingramer website
  • Create a new account by providing your email address.
  • Connect your Instagram profiles to Ingramer
  • Decide and choose the required tools for your Instagram performance. 
  • Your work is done and soon Ingramer will show your profile to your target audience. 

Ingramer Pricing & Ingramer Coupon Code

Ingramer Pricing + Ingramer Coupon Code

When talking about pricing, Ingramer has four modules to choose from and they are the Promo module, Direct module, Scheduled Posting, and Hashtag Generator. The price increases with each module you add.

Promo Module – Costs $37 for 2 weeks, $57 for one month, and $ 144 for 3 months for one account. Say for example you have 5 accounts and you are subscribing only for the Promo Module. In this case, you will have to pay $29 for 2 weeks, $46 for one month, and $115 for 3 months

Direct Module – Costs $19 for 2 weeks, $29 for one month, and $74 for 3 months for one account using just this Direct Module subscription plan. In case, if you want the Promo Module besides this plan, then it costs $56 for 2 weeks, $87 for one month, and $218 for 3 months for one account.

Scheduled Posting – Costs $12 for 2 weeks, $18 for one month, and $46 for 3 months for a single account. If you require the Promo Module and Direct Module along with this plan, then it costs $68 for 2 weeks, $106 for one month, and $265 for 3 months for one account. Hope you got the concept of Ingramer pricing.

Hashtag Generator – It costs $14 for 2 weeks, $22 for one month, $42 for 3 months for one account. If you want to add the above features to your subscription, then the costs will add up accordingly. 

Just imagine if you want all the four together! It really seems expensive. But the Ingramer features are worth the price.

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Ingramer Review + Ingramer Promo Code

78% Ingramer Coupon Code

Get exclusive 78% Off Ingramer Promo Code only here! Hurry up before the offer expires!

Ingramer Support

Ingramer Support

According to the Ingramer services that you use, you can get support regarding those at any time. Ingramer has a friendly support team and is ready to help you regardless of your query. In a worst-case scenario, you’ll be provided with feedback, which will guarantee that your request is being processed meaning your request is in progress.

You can contact the Ingramer Support team via Online Chat or Email. If you require immediate clarification, you can simply tap on the online chat tool present at the bottom-right corner of the Ingramer website. Else you can send mail to explaining your queries. Most of the time, you get instant replies.

Pros of Ingramer

  • Effective and complete Instagram automation
  • Great performance
  • Wide range of features
  • Precise and advanced targeting options
  • Have extended functionalities

Cons of Ingramer

  • Scheduled timings for providing support
  • Ingramer is exclusively for Instagram alone
  • The cost of Ingramer increases when you add several accounts with different feature modules.
  • No phone support

Ingramer FAQ

What is Ingramer?

Ingramer is an effective world-class Instagram automation tool that helps you to grow your Instagram activity, attract the target audience, curate the content, and view precise analytics. It offers several key features that run your Instagram businesses effortlessly.

Which Ingramer tools help in increasing audience engagement?

The Hashtag generator, scheduled posting, and direct messaging help you to engage your target audience.

Is Ingramer safe?

Yes, Ingramer is safe to use when it is used properly. Spammy activities using Ingramer will lead to the auto cancellation of accounts.

How many accounts does Ingramer support per pricing module?

Ingramer supports up to a maximum of 10 accounts per pricing module.

Where can I get Ingramer Promo Code?

Ingramer Promo Code is exclusively available here with which you can get 78% Off on its purchase. Redeem it soon so that you can enjoy a great bargain.

What are the payment options offered by Ingramer?

Ingramer allows you to make payments only via Credit Card or PayPal.


Ingramer is thus a go-to software for automating your Instagram activities. Its promising features are worth its price. It offers the best Instagram services that you will not find in any other Instagram automation tools.

As automation is the main advantage of this tool, some people use this for performing spammy activities too. In such a case, you will not be benefited and it automatically leads to account blocking. Otherwise, Ingramer is a very safe tool.

It will always work better when you know how to use it in the right way. Hope this Ingramer review gave you every detail about the amazing tool. Don’t fail to use our incredible 78% Ingramer Coupon Code to explore its awesome features really at a very low price!


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Ingramer Review + Ingramer Promo Code

78% Ingramer Coupon Code

Get exclusive 78% Off Ingramer Promo Code only here! Hurry up before the offer expires!

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