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As you all know, one of the most important elements of selling on Amazon is actually finding a successful product to sell on Amazon. So because of this need, a lot of companies have stepped up and created product research software. One of the better-known software for researching Amazon products is Egrow. It is definitely one of the best and top-rated tools that are currently available. This Egrow review will help you to know all about it. But before that, here is an exclusive 50% Egrow Coupon Code that will pave way for a great price reduction.

What is Egrow?

Egrow is a tool that is exclusively created for Amazon sellers. It is a full-service tool that assists Amazon FBA sellers in product research and keyword research. It regularly breaks millions of items down in the Amazon commercial center and aggregates deal data into charts and boards.

All in all, it spares your time in the market investigation and helps you discover stuff without much of a stretch offer. The best part is that you don’t require any tutorials or guides to start using this tool. Claim our limited-time Egrow Coupon Code immediately!

Egrow’s Dashboard + 50% Egrow Coupon Code

Once you log in to Egrow, you will discover five primary tabs at the highest point of your dashboard; 

  • Product Tracker
  • Database Research
  • Live Amazon Scanner
  • Keyword and Niche Tool
  • Rank Tracker

Apart from this, you will be getting 3 more options under the tool tab. Towards the top right of your dashboard, you can check whether the tool works for your international marketplace or not. You can find the following:

  • .com
  • .in
  • .de
  • .ca
  • .ae
  • .sa
  • And many more
Egrow's Dashboard + 50% Egrow Coupon Code

It is always safe to check this option first because why get into further details of all those tabs if you know Egrow is not available for your marketplace? Let’s get into the tabs or tools of Egrow one by one.

Egrow Tools

Product Tracker & Egrow Coupon Code

Product Tracker & Egrow Coupon Code

When you go to the Product Tracker, you get a blank page. You get the option to add Amazon products from the top-right. Make a note of the following steps to track the stats of your favourite products. Then take advantage of our Egrow Coupon Code that could help you explore its tools at an unbelievable price.

  • By just clicking the plus button on the top-right, you can either add the product name or its URL. 
  • Click Next
  • Add any label or tag to the product. You can also select from the existing categories if you have added any.
  • Click on Add Products
  • Visit back to the Product Tracker
  • You get all the necessary details of the products like the product image, brand, seller, product category, etc.
  • You also get a chart in the middle that indicates its estimated sale. These are more like graphs that represent the ups and downs of the popularity of the products.
  • Then you have the other details like net worth, weight, monthly sales, revenue, total rate, etc.

Database Research

Database Research

Egrow’s database contains millions of products pre-scanned from Amazon. You can find those products under this Database Research tab, check the category you are interested in, filter your searches from a journal rebel to an extremely sub-category. You get various filters like

  • Pricing
  • Sales
  • Number of Reviews
  • Average Rating
  • Number of images
  • Weight and so on

For instance, if you are looking for a specific keyword in your products like home decor, then you can include the keyword on the right. Similarly, you can exclude a particular keyword that you want to avoid in your search results.

You can also select the seller and your product size. Once you’ve applied all the filters, scroll down and click on the search button at the bottom. Egrow will narrow down all your search based on the filters you applied and you will get the results accordingly.

The Database Research tab is really useful especially for the ones who are using this tool for the first time. It’s really very helpful once you start using it. The more specified your filters are, the better results you will get here.

Live Amazon Scanner + Egrow Coupon Code

Live Amazon Scanner

As the name says, it’s live. When you click on this tab you get a blank page with just two options; Choose a product and Type a keyword. For instance, let’s go with the Home and Kitchen category and use mocha pots as the keyword. You will see a list of products under this category with this keyword.

You get average details of all the listed products like the average price, rating, sales, and total revenue. Apart from this you also get their individual reports such as the product image, price, ratings, sales, total revenue per month, etc.

KW & Niche Tool

KW & Niche Tool

In the previous options, you have used keywords to specify your searches but it is very tricky to search for low competition keywords with sufficient traffic volume in any niche. Well, Egrow takes care of this issue very well. Type the keywords that you and your competitors use. Apply the required filters, select your category and click on search. 

Egrow will get you a list of all the matching keywords along with the relevant details. You get the website URL, opportunity score, google search volume, total products, and other details right here.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker helps you track the fluctuating popularity of available products based on their keywords. For instance, click on the plus button, enter the ASIN of the Amazon product, then use the keyword. If you keep adding more products with the same keyword used on Amazon, Egrow will rank them based on their sales rank, current popularity, and other factors.

Egrow consists of three extra tools apart from those that we already came across. They are:

Saved Searches + Egrow Coupon Code

Here you can directly view the reports of those products you have marked or selected from your search filters. After tracking and analysing tools do their jobs, you can then use the saved searches feature, so you never lose track of products that you want to keep an eye on. 

Make use of Egrow Coupon Code now!

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

This one is pretty obvious. If you want to download the chrome extension of Egrow you can easily download it from here.

Reverse ASIN Search

Enter the ASIN of the product and then click on Go. You will get a list of all keywords that relate to this product. Besides you get their organic position, average best seller rank, total revenue, etc. This tool is specifically helpful when you look at an Amazon product. If you want to look at other relevant results, you can enter the ASIN here and you get the relevant results as simple as that. 

Egrow Pricing & Egrow Coupon Code

Egrow Pricing & Egrow Coupon Code

Egrow’s pricing plans are nominal. For starters, they provide a basic plan for free. Their upgraded plans start from 17€/mo and go to 29€/mo. The best part is that they provide a money-back guarantee for trial packages. So you can easily test any of the plans before proceeding ahead with one. Also, a whopping discount is waiting just for you. You can always go with the free plan first. 

The various pricing plans of Egrow are as follows:

Basic Plan – Costs 0€/mo and there are no hidden costs in this plan. It allows 3 uses per day and you can access up to 9 markets, track 2 products, 5 keywords, get 7 days of historical data, and more.

Standard Plan – Costs 17€/mo. It allows 20 uses per day and you can access up to 13 markets, track 50 products, 50 keywords, get 30 days of historical data, and more.

Plus Plan – Costs 21€/mo. You can access up to 13 markets, track 100 products, 200 keywords, get 90 days of historical data, and more.

Premium – Costs 29€/mo. You can access up to 13 markets, track 300 products, 1000 keywords, get 90 days of historical data, and more.

Egrow Customer Support & Refund Policy

Egrow Customer Support & Refund Policy + Egrow Coupon code

Egrow does not disappoint when it comes to customer support. It offers support via Email –, Facebook, and Live Chat. Their responses are quick. 

They offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. This means that you will receive the full amount you paid for if you request a refund within 14 days from the date that you subscribed to the paid plans. To request a refund, you can reach out to their Support Team and provide the following details:

  •  Transaction-id of your payment which for PayPal looks like this
  • “4M480974B633XXXXP”
  • The email address that was used to process the payment.

Egrow Pros

  • Real-time product and keyword research
  • Super fast
  • Has intuitive interface
  • Integration with Amazon
  • Provides accurate estimated sales data
  • Affordable pricing plans

Egrow Cons

  • Not available in Mexico, Japan, or Middle Eastern marketplaces

Egrow Verdict

All in all, Egrow is no less than a holy grail for marketers who have a hard time scraping and analyzing the products on Amazon. With all the features available and the prices they offer, it will be a very good choice, especially if you are a beginner in selling stuff on Amazon. So forget not to redeem our awaiting 50% Egrow Coupon Code today! This is just a limited time offer! Hurry up!

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