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If you want to use webinars for marketing in your business, what is the best tool to use? That’s a question that most business entrepreneurs are trying to find answers to. If you are one such entrepreneur who is looking for a solution that provides a better experience, better marketing features, better engagement features, and hopefully not spending a lot, this article will help you. Here we will see about the best webinar software, Demio. Also, we are offering an exclusive limited-time 50% Demio Coupon Code. Grab it soon before it expires.

Let’s have a look at what Demio is actually like, what the features look like and what it’s like to use it as a host of a webinar, and what’s like an experience of your webinar attendees.

What is Demio?

Demio and Demio Coupon Code

Demio is a webinar platform built for marketing to generate leads by taking advantage of powerful personal conversions. The platform can be used to create, market, and host webinars with its software fully optimized to ensure business growth. The software provides everything a user needs to create and host live and automated events in the web browser and fully engage the audience at scale. With Demio, users can host live webinars, workshops, Q&A sessions with real-time HD streaming. Our Demio Coupon Code awaits

The events can also be made automated with pre-recorded presentations and other simulated elements. Demio offers users better relationships with the audience via an interactive room experience within the browser. Other features include; an automatic replay viewer and the provision of relevant insights to measure the effectiveness of users’ webinar campaigns. The webinars created with Demio can be easily shared and uploaded from the platform. All the above features work in harmony to provide users with a seamless experience every time.

Demio Features

Demio is a webinar platform that looks really simple and clean. It packs a ton of powerful audience engagement features.

Webinar Events + Demio Coupon Code

You can choose between Live events and Automated events. 

Demio webinar events

Automated Events

For automated events, you have to either upload a video or you can choose a pre-existing or pre-recorded event. 

Creating Live Events

Live webinars happen only once at a specific time and date. The first and foremost thing in creating a live webinar is to give it an attractive name. For scheduling, you will find the option to host your webinar as a one-time event or host the same webinar multiple times as a recurring event. For the recurring one, you can have it every week or so. If you are going to choose a one-time webinar, the registration pages, the Thank You pages are all set by default. 

Creation & Customization of Registration Pages

Customize Registration pages

You will find options to customize the webinar registration page in the customization tab. A registration page is very minimalistic, you cannot do much about it. You can only choose a different background color or a background image for your registration page.

You can add some more elements to your registration page like subheading, a description, a product image inside your description, engaging video, etc. Whatever element you add to the registration page, it will be shown below the registration form. Finally, save your changes. 

Custom questions give you an opportunity to get to know your attendees and prepare your webinar better and make it more personal to them. If you would love to have custom questions on your registration page, it simple to add them with Demio. 

Increase Attendees With Email Notifications

Demio Email Notifications & Demio Coupon Code

By default, Demio has 4 email notifications. You can’t add any new ones but you can turn off some notifications if you want to. There’s a 5th email notification which is the post-webinar follow-up email to your registrants. You can turn it on if you want your registrants to receive a webinar replay email. But you cannot send a separate email to the ones who attended and the ones who didn’t, it’s either one or the other or everyone. You can add custom email snippets to the email body.

Demio Rooms + Demio Coupon Code

Demio Rooms + Demio Coupon Code

The Room is where you can add all the resources the presentation materials that you want to show and launch during the webinar. You can pre-configure polls, handouts, and call to action and launch them at any moment while launching your webinars.

For your presentation materials, you can add a slideshow in PDF format, video. You can launch your presentation and videos directly from the Demio platform instead of sharing your screen. So it would appear to all the attendees with the highest possible quality. 

Also, you can set your webinar chat to private if you want your attendees speaking with only you privately and redirect all your webinar attendees to a product page or home page after the webinar is finished.

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Invite & Manage Event Admins

With Demio, You can invite a moderator to help you with the webinar by chatting with the attendees launching the polls, marking the questions, sharing the handouts and the featured actions. So you can actually solely focus on the webinar contents and the presentations. 

Integrations & Demio Coupon Code

Demio Integrations

Before you dive into Demio integrations, make use of our Demio Coupon Code! It paves way for a better pricing. You can set your integrations in Demio and easily connect Demio to the tools you’re already using. Hence Demio’s built-in integrations can help you improve conversions by starting automation or tagging your audience based on registration, attendance, and more. You can also add Google or Facebook tracking pixels to any page of the webinar funnel. So as you are about to join the room as a host, you can turn on your audio, video and run a connectivity test to make sure your connection is stable. The tool gives you a quite detailed video and audio overview.

Demio Pricing & Demio Coupon Code

Demio Pricing & Demio Coupon Code

Demio offers four pricing plans and a 14-day free trial. The pricing plans are as follows:

Starter Plan – Costs $49/month USD and is suitable for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs getting started with webinars. This plan includes 

  • 50 attendee room
  • 3-Hour Session Limit 
  • Standard Support
  • Live Events
  • 1 Host

Growth Plan – This plan costs $99/month USD and includes the following features

  • 150 attendee room
  • Everything from Starter
  • 5-Hour Session Limit
  • Standard Support
  • Room & Email Branding
  • Automated Events
  • Custom Form Fields
  • Includes 1 Host

 The Growth plan is Demio’s most popular package with more tools, automated events, and custom branding.

Business Plan – It costs $234/month USD and includes

  • 500 attendee room
  • Everything from Growth
  • 8-Hour Session Limit
  • Priority Support
  • Marketo Integration
  • Onboarding Call
  • Includes 4 Hosts

Premium Plan – Customizable pricing. This plan lets you host your webinars with dedicated account support and it includes the following features.

  • 1000 attendee room
  • Everything from Business
  • 10-Hour Session Limit
  • Priority Support
  • Concierge Onboarding
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Event Tech Support for 1 Event per Month
  • Front-of-Line for Beta Features
  • Includes 5 Hosts

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Demio Pros

  • Advanced event set up
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited sessions and registrations
  • Room engagement tools
  • Basic integrations and Zapier
  • Offers great user experience
  • 30-days moneyback guarantee

Demio Cons

  • Demio doesn’t have a whiteboard tool
  • Powerpoint presentation (PPT) format is not supported
  • Pricing seems to be out of budget for startups
  • Limited landing page formats


Thus Demio is very simple to use and you simply have a way to add a new event. You can run live webinars where you actually present them live in real-time. You can also do automated webinars and the webinars created with Demio can be viewed on any device. 

When it comes to webinars, there are tons of options out there for everybody whether you’ve got a big audience or a small audience, whether you’re just getting started or experienced. Demio could be the right fit for you. So what are you thinking? Worried about the pricing? You don’t have to. Just claim our exclusive 50% Demio Coupon now and get access to the best webinar platform at low rates.


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