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In this modern era, running Facebook ads seems to be the most effective way to take your business to the next level. It can do wonders for your business, no matter what your niche is. Before you read further, here’s a fantastic news for you! It’s none other than our exclusive $75 AdSpy Coupon + Free trial. Catch it!

Most entrepreneurs around the world invest in Facebook ads because these Facebook ads have proven to generate the highest returns. But becoming successful is a bit tricky.

Wondering why? It is all because of the high competition. It is natural to find a lot of competitors in a field like Facebook advertising that is ever successful. So getting in hands with all your competitor strategies might help you to be ahead of them always.


$75 AdSpy Coupon + FREE Trial

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This is where Facebook ad spy tools come into play. Several Facebook ad spy tools are emerging day by day and the most preferred ad spy tool by top advertizers is AdSpy.  

Want to know the reason behind? This AdSpy review will let you know why AdSpy is the No.1 Spy tool in the market. Before we dig deep, here is our exclusive $75 AdSpy Coupon Code. I hope this is the biggest AdSpy deal that you’ll ever get!

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AdSpy In-depth Review 2021 + $75 AdSpy Coupon

AdSpy & AdSpy Coupon

AdSpy is the most powerful social media spy tool that helps you to spy on your competitors’ Facebook ad campaigns and strategies. Instead of figuring out everything from scratch, AdSpy lets you find out what’s already existing, what’s already selling, and what could shortcut your way to successful advertising.

AdSpy is the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads in the world with more than 92,000,000 ads! Apply AdSpy Coupon now to get discounts on AdSpy during purchase and an AdSpy free trial. It has powerful filters and searches criteria that allow you to find out anything you want regarding Facebook ads.

You can search the best-performing ads, see what’s selling right now, what has been created, what has been seen, new products, new ads, etc. Then you can sort them by daily likes, different languages if you are looking for a specific language, advertiser ID, competitors’ Facebook ad page URL, and so on.

AdSpy has different technology filters as well. This tool is quite efficient and does more than you expect. So make use of the incredible AdSpy Coupon Code available here to lessen your purchase pricing and advertising efforts.

Video of AdSpy

Check out the AdSpy demo video provided below and get to know how you could be benefited from this amazing tool.

Getting Started with AdSpy

Hope the AdSpy demo helped you to gain overall knowledge about the tool. Here I will let you know about getting access to AdSpy using our exclusive $75 AdSpy Coupon Code. It is simply hassle-free. Just follow the steps below and you will have the most powerful Facebook and Instagram ad spy tool in your hands.

  • Click our “USE CODE” button and you will be landed on the AdSpy website
  • Click “Subscribe” on the top right corner
  • Enter your Email address, first name, last name, password, and company name (optional)
  • Click “Register”
AdSpy Register
  • You will be prompted to verify your email address. Check your inbox and click on the “Confirm Your Email” link provided by the AdSpy team.
  • Once verified you can log into your dashboard using your AdSpy credentials.

How AdSpy makes a difference?

What AdSpy can do for you

With AdSpy, you are always up-to-date with the fastest developing Facebook advertising platform. Besides, AdSpy can offer you the following benefits than any other social media ad intelligence tool.

  • Offers the most search options
  • Finds compelling new ad campaigns
  • Monitors your competitors’ successful brands
  • Saves a lot of time against testing campaigns
  • Offers global coverage to access the top trends
  • Exhaustive search and filter features that uncover the best ads
  • Provides massive affiliate information
  • Offers massive ad data through which you can glide until you meet the needs of your advertising campaigns.

Thus AdSpy stands unique. I bet you cannot find all these positives as a whole in any other spy tool. Isn’t it awesome? Catch our AdSpy Coupon now and start enjoying its benefits!


$75 AdSpy Coupon + FREE Trial

You cannot get this offer anywhere else.
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How does AdSpy work?

The specialty of AdSpy is that it will give you the exact ad output from its millions of search results. Just in minutes, you get a detailed report of any type of ad that you are searching for. You can easily find the winning secrets of your competitors by using AdSpy.

To exactly know how AdSpy works is to explore its dumb-founding features. AdSpy offers several promising features that make your job of spying on your competitors very simple. Let’s see in detail on those below.

Power-Packed Features of AdSpy

Being a comprehensive ad intelligence tool, AdSpy offers top-notch features that you will not find in any of its competitors. As you start using the tool, you will be really amazed at its features and enormous benefits. This is the right time to grab the deal. Don’t miss to claim our exclusive $75 AdSpy Coupon Code from here!

Back to the unique features of AdSpy.

  • Advanced Basic Search
  • Extensive Filters & Ad Sorting
  • Search Through Comments
  • Search via Affiliate Offer ID
  • Accurate Demographics
  • Massive ad and dropshipping products database
  • Rapid Interface

Advanced Basic Search

Once you log into your AdSpy dashboard, the first and the foremost thing that you will find is its advanced search criteria. You can search for any ad or product, just by typing in the keyword. AdSpy allows you to search for ads by

  • Ad Text
  • Comments
  • Advertiser Name
  • URL
  • Landing Page URL
  • Landing Page Text
Search for Ads

After you enter the specific keyword and hit search, you will find millions of relevant ads showing up in the search results. But that is a lot more for you to find your exact ad result. Don’t worry. AdSpy has several filtering options that help you to narrow down your searches and let’s see below the extensive filtering options of AdSpy.

Extensive Filters

AdSpy offers various filtering options. AdSpy lets you narrow down your search to the smallest detail. You can set your criteria to include searches based on the following:

  • Ad Text
  • Site Type
  • Media Type
  • Advertiser
  • Gender
  • Created Between
  • Technology
  • Age
  • Seen between
  • Country
  • Daily likes
  • Networks
  • Total likes
  • Affiliate
  • Buttons
AdSpy filters

For example, if you want to discover ads for Bluetooth earphones that have 1000 – 1300 likes among people aged between 23-33 in America, all you have to do is to enter your search keyword i.e Bluetooth earphones and apply filters in Age, Total Likes, and Country. Below the search box, you will find the required ad as per your filters applied.

Ad Sorting

Once you get the results for your filtered ads, you can even sort them according to Date (recent on top), Date (oldest on top), Likes, Love, Haha, Sad, Wow, Angry, Shares, and Longest Running. For instance, if you choose “Shares”, the ad with maximum shares will be displayed on the top.

Ad Sorting

While skimming through the various displayed ads that are relevant to your search criteria, you can closely examine the specific ads that catch your sight by clicking on the ‘i’ tab placed at the right top corner of every ad.

Ad details

AdSpy Ad Campaign Details

Once you have got the result for your respective search criteria, you can dig in deep to get the complete details of that ad campaign. All you have to do is just click on the ad and it will take you to a page that provides you the entire information regarding that particular ad. You will find

  • The number of likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Demographics
  • Likes over time
  • Landing page details like final URL, outgoing links, redirects, and landing page technology

Likes, Shares & Comments

Just below the ad, you can see the total number of likes, comments shares, gender count, and location details.

Likes Shares & Comments

Likes over time

With AdSpy, you can eventually find how the likes over time evolved for the respective ad.

Likes over time

Landing Pages

Under this section, you will find the final landing page URL of the ad creative. You will also find the outgoing links and redirects for those outgoing links. Beneath the outgoing links, you will find the landing page technology details.

Landing Pages

Search through Comments

AdSpy’s Search Through Comments feature helps you to monitor your competitors’ brands, your own brands, or see what had positive or negative feedback. Under the Ad Text drop-down field, you will find the Comments search capability. Based on the comments provided by the people, you can decide whether to promote that product or not, and also you will get to know how well the product is moving.

Search through comments

Search via Affiliate Offer ID

AdSpy allows you to find ads by the affiliate network, or search for specific affiliates and offers. Have you just been given a great offer by your network? Search via the Offer ID and see how others are promoting it. AdSpy also bypasses cloakers to ensure you have flawless information straight from the landing pages.

If you know the affiliate ID, then input it directly in the Affiliate ID field and you may also choose among the affiliate networks in the Affiliate Network options such as Clickbank, GiddyUp, PeerFly, CrakRevenue, AdCombo, and more!

Accurate Demographics

AdSpy easily finds who an ad is targeting accurately. Whenever you click on an ad in AdSpy, it provides you the complete information about the ad. The demographics feature lets you know the gender, age groups, and countries targeted by the specific ad. It easily reveals the dominating areas of your competitors.

AdSpy Demographics

You can just click the dropdown near Gender to choose the specific one, and under Age, you can adjust it as per your requirements. AdSpy offers ads across 205 countries and from the dropdown near Countries, you can choose your desired location. Based on these filters you get ads in your search results below the search box.

Massive ad and dropshipping products database

As stated earlier, AdSpy offers the biggest searchable ad database having more than 94 million ads in 88 different languages across 205 countries. In the blink of an eye, you get thousands of results based on your search criteria and you can play around the filters to find the exact needs of your campaigns.

AdSpy is an excellent tool for dropshippers to find out the winning dropshipping products. As soon as a product goes viral online, AdSpy will know it with the help of its artificial intelligence and outputs it whenever a dropshipping marketer searches for the hottest products. Amazing! Isn’t it? So without any further delay, grab the AdSpy Coupon Code and start enjoying its awesome features.

AdSpy Pricing Plan & AdSpy Coupon

AdSpy pricing

AdSpy offers better pricing with just one subscription compared to all the AdSpy alternatives out there in the market. Its features are worth the pricing. No other social media ad spy tool provides features as that of AdSpy.

The cost of AdSpy is $149 per month. For this price, you get unlimited usage. But why should you spend these dollars when we are offering an AdSpy Coupon that could eventually cut down the costs?

Our AdSpy Free Trial tips:

  • Technically AdSpy does not offer a Free Trial, but it just offers free credits.
  • Once you sign up with AdSpy, you will receive your free credits
  • Use them sparingly to test out the tool
  • Do not run complicated searches or scroll endlessly because most of your credits will be used up this way
  • Instead, use your free credits to explore what AdSpy has to offer.

Don’t delay it anymore. Start saving more on your AdSpy purchase today using the AdSpy discount. Explore AdSpy for free before the offer expires.

AdSpy Support & Guaranteed Refund Policy

AdSpy support is really fast and highly responsive. Once you have a query, you are free to drop emails at or contact AdSpy at +31 85001 3330. AdSpy customer support responds to you with quick replies. Also, upon request, they provide you a customized search.

AdSpy offers an amazing 24 hours refund policy. You will get back your full amount in the worst case of not getting satisfied with the tool. Make use of our AdSpy Coupon to get a great discount on AdSpy pricing + AdSpy free trial. Offer is valid only for a short period. Grab it now!

What are the AdSpy Pros and Cons?


  • Has the largest searchable database for Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Enormous time and money-saving tool
  • Impressive fast searches
  • Search filters are extraordinary
  • Instant download of ad creatives
  • Serves as the best tool for affiliates and dropshippers
  • Provides in-depth insights on competitors’ ad campaigns
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Has a quick and intelligent interface
  • 24/7 Customer Support


  • Does not offer live support
  • No option to download landing pages
  • Timed out searches
  • At times spammy Facebook ads may also appear on the search results
  • Only one user can operate through one account

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about AdSpy

Why is AdSpy the best Facebook ad spy tool?

AdSpy is the best Facebook ad spy tool in the market because it has the largest Facebook ad database that provides you access to 92 million + ads over 203 countries and 15 million + advertisers around the world.

Is AdSpy a useful tool for affiliate marketing?

Yes, AdSpy is one of the best affiliate marketing tools that provide you insights about all the top affiliate offers available out there. By searching for Offer ID, Affiliate ID, and Affiliate Network, you can effectively spy on your affiliate competitors.

How much does AdSpy cost?

AdSpy costs $149 per month. This is the only AdSpy subscription plan that offers unlimited usage. But in combination with our $75 AdSpy Coupon, you can buy AdSpy at a very low price than you expected.

Does AdSpy help you to find the hottest dropshipping products?

Yes, AdSpy allows you to discover all the winning and trending dropshipping products. You can find millions of top-selling Ecom products in no time using AdSpy.

Does AdSpy offer a free trial?

Yes, AdSpy offers a free trial. By claiming our exclusive $75 AdSpy Coupon, you get AdSpy at an unbelievable price in addition to an AdSpy free trial.


$75 AdSpy Coupon + FREE Trial

You cannot get this offer anywhere else.
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How do I use AdSpy?

Using AdSpy is very simple. The first thing that you have to do is, visit the AdSpy website, click on the Get Started button, and follow the instructions. As you explore the tool, AdSpy offers so many free credits. Don’t miss out on our “AdSpy free trial”.


AdSpy is thus a best-in-class tool for spying on your Facebook competitors. This is all because of its invaluable features. It offers everything that an effective spy tool should have. Undoubtedly, it can take your business to greater heights.

If you’re a more experienced marketer, this spy tool is a must-have tool. It will save you time and money. You can sit down once a week and scan for all your competitors with no efforts. Then, you can pick the ideas that are actually working and avoid the mistakes that they have made.

Hope, in this detailed AdSpy review, you got the answer to “Why Adspy is No.1 Spy Tool?”. I believe you will purchase this exemplary tool. At the same time, don’t forget to use our $75 AdSpy Coupon + AdSpy free trial. With this, you will surely see a big price difference!

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Happy Monetizing!!🤑


$75 AdSpy Coupon + FREE Trial

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